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Holistic Dental Care in Santa Monica

Looking for a dental practice that cares about your overall health and wellness? Look no further than The Dentist Lounge, your go-to destination for holistic and functional dentistry in sunny Santa Monica!

At The Dentist Lounge, we believe that optimal dental health begins with more than just routine teeth cleanings. That's why we take a holistic approach to dentistry, focusing on the big picture to help you achieve your healthiest, happiest smile.

From nutritional counseling to oral microbiome testing, we offer a range of services to support your dental health and overall well-being. 

Dr. Sara Larbi

Holistic Dentistry Treats the whole body

We believe that the best dental care comes from a combination of Eastern and Western medicine. By blending the wisdom of ancient healing practices with modern technology and techniques, we’re able to provide truly holistic dental care that addresses the needs of your entire body.

We understand that your dental health is directly tied to your body’s overall wellness, which is why we take an integrative approach to care and collaborate with like-minded providers to ensure you receive the most comprehensive care possible.

We prioritize thorough patient assessments to ensure optimal oral health. Our evaluations include a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s oral microbiome, sleep and airway quality, oral pH, and overall bite function. By addressing these crucial factors, we can develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient. 

Don’t settle for mediocre dental care. Choose The Dentist Lounge for a new level of care that challenges the traditional methods of dentistry.

Sleep Dentist Santa Monica

Airway-centered dentistry plays a significant role in the holistic and functional approach to dental care.

Sleep and airway issues can start in the mouth, making it essential to address any underlying dental problems to improve breathing, sleep, and overall health. 

If you’re experiencing sleep or airway issues, The Dentist Lounge can help. Our dentists specialize in airway centered dentistry by focusing on optimizing oral health and considering airway function to promote long-term health benefits. 

Holistic Dental Care Santa Monica

Dr. Dolgov

Biological Dentist

At The Dentist Lounge, we believe that treating the root cause of dental issues is key to achieving optimal overall health.

Our passionate and experienced dentists, Dr. Larbi and Dr. Dolgov, are committed to educating patients on the many ways a healthier mouth can improve their quality of life.

We take a comprehensive approach to dental care, taking into consideration factors like diet, nutrition, airway health, and sleep habits to help improve your dental health and overall wellbeing.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment and experience the benefits of truly comprehensive dental care.

Our Holistic Dental Services in Santa Monica

The Dentist Lounge Reviews

This was my first trip to the dentist in a long time because of previous experiences with a very shaming dentist. After getting through my avoidance, I came here and saw Dr. Dolgov. He was the opposite of shaming. He definitely made me feel comfortable and kept me extremely well-informed, which eased my anxieties. His kindness shone through, which is not how I think about dentists! I cannot recommend the dentist lounge enough for those who are similarly avoidant of dentists.
Joshua C.
Google Reviews
First time to a holistic dentist and I was blown away by the care that I received. They were knowledgeable, kind, and realistic about what was happening with my teeth and mouth. I did not feel like they were trying to sell me anything or convince me that I had more problems only they could solve. They gave me realistic solutions to my issues and then allowed me to make an informed decision.
dentist reviews santa monica
Michael B.
Google Reviews
When my coverage changed, my dentist was no longer in-network, and I had to seek new care. I am so glad I found Dr. Larbi! She is amazing -- thorough, informative, and clearly passionate about dental care -- and charming, as were her smiling, professional staff. I came in cranky and left smiling, too, after a very intensive cleaning which Dr. Larbi did herself. This office clearly approaches dentistry holistically, with an eye to care, prevention, and maintenance. I'm impressed and delighted to have found my next long-term dentist.
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Diane M.
Google Reviews

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