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Dr. Sara Larbi

Dr. Sara Larbi is a passionate dental practitioner who specializes in holistic and functional dentistry. She was born in Washington D.C. and earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Dr. Larbi’s pursuit of excellence in dentistry led her to a two-year General Practice Residency at the Veterans Affairs hospital in West Los Angeles, where she gained valuable experience and further honed her skills in all aspects of dentistry.

As a holistic dentist, Dr. Larbi believes in the interconnectedness of the mouth, body, and mind. She sees oral health as a vital indicator of overall health and well-being, and she is dedicated to educating her patients on the importance of oral wellness and the mouth-body connection. Dr. Larbi works to create a strong and healthy foundation of oral wellness for each of her patients, emphasizing preventative care and minimally invasive treatment options.

Dr. Larbi is an active member of the American Dental Association (ADA), California Dental Association (CDA), and the Los Angeles Dental Society. She stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in dentistry, particularly in the areas of holistic and functional dentistry, and is committed to providing her patients with the most effective and comfortable dental experience possible.

Dr. Dmitry Dolgov

Dr. Dmitry Dolgov is a highly skilled and compassionate dental practitioner specializing in holistic and functional dentistry. He grew up in Ohio and graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. He then attended Western University of Health Sciences in California, where he earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree.

Dr. Dolgov is passionate about changing the way people experience dental care. He believes in taking a holistic approach that emphasizes the mouth-body connection and ensures that patients feel comfortable and heard. Dr. Dolgov also specializes in airway and sleep dentistry, examining the physiological function and form in regard to a patient’s development to assess for airway and sleep health. Dr. Dolgov’s expertise in airway and sleep dentistry allows him to provide specialized care that goes beyond traditional dental treatments, helping his patients achieve optimal overall health and well-being.

Dental Office Team Members

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The Dentist Lounge

Our Core Values


Holistic Dentistry

We want you to be healthy, wholly. We treat every person as a whole, looking at the big picture and using our dental expertise to improve your overall health.


Root Cause Focused

At The Dentist Lounge, we don't only cure symptoms, but we look at the root cause. What was causing your tooth ache and how we can we prevent it from coming back?


Progressive Approach

We are progressive in our treatment, challenging the way dentistry has always been and looking for new innovative treatments and technology to improve the overall dental experience


Interprofessional Collaboration

We actively consult with our fellow Medical doctors to ensure you are getting the best overall care. Our network includes ENT, integrative docs, sleep docs, family medicine, urologist etc


Mouth Body Connection

Your dental / mouth health is connected to the entire body. Our dental treatment recommendations focus on this important connection. Improving your dental health will improve your overall health and vice-versa!


Your Comfort is important

We know visiting the dentist is not the most pleasant - we strive to make is as painfree, calming and enjoyable as humanly possible!

Our Mission

Because your smile is our passion

We are progressive in our dental treatment. Challenging the way dentistry has always been done and looking for new innovative treatments and technology to improve the overall dental experience. At The Dentist Lounge, we don't only treat your symptoms,  we find the root causes of dental issues. Your health is what matters most. Visit The Dentist Louge and live a happier and healthier life.


What Our Patients Say

“I saw Dr. Dolgov at my visit last week and I had a great experience. He was so good at explaining all the details to me making me feel at ease with his treatment plan. It’s hard to find a good dentist that can give you the time and care that we all want. Highly recommend!”
Kenza Bennani
Kenza Bennani
Google Reviews
“I brought my daughter to this dental office and everyone made us feel very welcomed and the service was excellent! Very good and clean place, very friendly staff, and professional dentists. Highly recommended. Definitely taking my older son here next time.”
Bacem Ben Cheikh
Bacem Ben Cheikh
Google Reviews