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Oral surgery is something no one wants to get when they visit a dentist in Santa Monica. Unfortunately, some oral health conditions cannot get treated without a dentist or oral surgeon cutting into the mouth’s tissues. If you have any oral diseases, defects, or injuries affecting your gums, teeth, jawbone, face, neck, or head, then you will likely need some type of dental oral surgey.

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What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery refers to a surgical procedure performed on any area of your mouth, especially the gums and teeth. The term can also extend to include surgical procedures performed on the jawbone and facial structures. 

Here are some examples of oral surgeries:

Some patients may need one or more oral surgeries to correct their underlying oral health condition. Our dentist in Santa Monica will give you a dental exam to determine how many oral surgeries you need if any.


Oral maxillofacial surgery in Santa Monica

Oral surgery may not be the most comfortable dental treatment option, but it can be the only option for restoring your oral health. You’ll have nothing to worry about with us because we have the best dentist in Santa Monica to perform your oral surgical procedure. 

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Simple & Advanced oral surgery

Oral Surgery can help with


Tooth Replacement

Patients with missing or damaged teeth can receive long-term tooth replacement with the help of oral surgery. An oral surgeon can quickly extract damaged teeth and replace them with implants before the jawbone is affected. If you’ve had missing teeth for a long time, you may need a bone grafting surgical procedure to transplant healthy bone to your jaw. Then you will be eligible to receive dental implants.


Enhance Your Facial Appearance

The jawbone provides several benefits to your oral health and facial aesthetics. But if your jawbone has deteriorated due to long-term missing teeth, you’ll need oral surgery to correct the problem via bone grafting. Jawbone restoration will strengthen your jawbone and enhance your facial appearance. Any previous sagginess or distortion in your facial appearance will get corrected.


Restore Chewing Ability

Oral surgery can help realign your jaw if it is misaligned because of missing or damaged teeth. An aligned jaw will restore your natural ability to chew food properly. Once you can do that, it will significantly improve your digestive and physical health. That, of course, has positive effects on the entire body.


Restore Speech Clarity

Missing teeth and a misaligned jawbone can have negative consequences on speech clarity. But if you get your missing teeth replaced and your misaligned jawbone realigned, your full speech capabilities will get restored.


Pain Relief

Oral pain in your jaw, tooth, or gums can feel excruciating. Sometimes, the only way to get severe oral pain to disappear is through oral surgery. Our best dentist in Santa Monica can make that determination after an emergency exam of your oral health.

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