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Routine & Deep Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning in Santa Monica

Teeth don’t stay clean and white forever. Even if you practice good oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing daily, your teeth may still develop plaque and stains over time. 

Your oral health affects your entire body, from your brain to your blood. Stay health with regular teeth cleaning in Santa Monica. 

Get your teeth cleaned at The Dentist Lounge. We make it easy and affordable so you can get your teeth cleaned as often as you want! 

Affordable teeth cleaning

What is done during a teeth cleaning procedure?

Teeth cleaning is a standard oral hygiene procedure administered by a dentist or dental hygienist.

First, our best dentist in Santa Monica will examine your mouth for signs of gum disease and tooth decay. After that, you will undergo teeth cleaning procedure to have the stubborn tartar and plaque deposits removed from the surface of each tooth. Removing tartar and plaque is the best way to prevent cavities and gum disease.

Only professional teeth cleanings at a dental office can remove these deposits. Regular brushing and rinsing cannot remove them.


Routine & Deep Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning - The Science

At The Dentist Louge, our goal is to help you maintain a healthy oral microbiome. Teeth Cleanings help lower your bacterial load and research shows that after 3 months, bad bacteria can begin to outnumber good bacteria in your mouth! Having an imbalance of bad and good bacteria can lead to the release of toxins that are linked to serious illnesses.

Your mouth is connected to your whole body via veins and arteries. This connection means that the inflammatory reaction in your mouth (due to bacteria) will attack and damage areas away from your mouth and can contribute to problems like HTN, Chronic heart disease, dementia, and strokes.

Stay Healthy

Deep teeth Cleaning

During a periodontal cleaning or deep teeth cleaning our hygienist goes deep into your gums and reaches bacteria that are difficult to reach with floss and bristles of a toothbrush - that is causing an irreversible form of gum disease.

Why is this important? Once you lose the bone supporting your teeth you cannot get it back. The hygienist helps maintain your current bone levels to prevent further bone loss and gum disease. 

People with periodontitis are:


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a Clean & Healthy Smiel

Teeth Cleaning Benefits


Detect Early Signs of Oral Health Issues

Teeth cleanings always include dental exams. So even if you think your teeth appear clean, you should still get periodic teeth cleanings anyway. That way, your dentist can continue to monitor your oral health for signs of tooth decay and gum disease. If any of these signs are detected, further treatment will get recommended to stop or reverse these conditions.


Prevent Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Teeth cleaning procedures target the tartar and plaque on your teeth. Once the dentist or oral hygienist removes the tartar and plaque, you’re less likely to suffer from tooth decay and gum disease. But, of course, you must continue to brush your teeth and floss.


Enhances the Appearance of Your Smile

Tarter and plaque are visible on the teeth if present. Your smile could become affected if they are visible on the outside surface or molars of your teeth where everyone can see them. But if you have them removed with periodic teeth cleanings, you can restore your smile without these nasty substances obstructing your teeth.


No Pain or Discomfort

Teeth cleanings aren’t complicated procedures and don’t cause pain or discomfort. You won’t even need a local anesthetic unless the dentist cleans underneath the gums. In most cases, the dentist only cleans under the gums the first time you get the procedure. After that, they only clean the teeth surfaces.


Stops Bad Breath

Mouthwash and teeth brushing are good for reducing bad breath, but they cannot stop the bad breath from bacteria and food particles stuck in your mouth. Teeth cleanings will remove all bacteria and food particles, eliminating your bad breath problem.


Improve Overall health

7/10 leading causes of dealth reported by CDC can be connected to inflammation and/or bacteria in the oral cavity: heart disease, cancer, cancer chronic lower respiratory diseaee, stroke, alzheimers, pneumonia

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